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summer project

Sign up anytime between Jun 1st to 17 Jul

Learn about these amazing marine habitats that surround the UK from the comfort and safety of your home. There is no time commitment to this project. You can complete it any time you wish and join in anytime as materials will be sent to you. 


This project is aimed at children in years 3,4,5 and 6 (age 7+) and focus on Living Things, linked to the school curriculum. Each week we cover body parts and what they do, comparing and identifying species, adaptations and survival, feeding and food chains and reproduction and growth. Packed with fab facts and fieldwork tips plus what we need to do to protect Rockpool habitats in the future. 

Parents at home, or teachers at school, can sign up anytime and do anything from one week to all 7.


£5 a week or £30 for all 7. 

Week 1: 1-5 June | Crabs
Week 2: 8-12 June | Starfish

Week 3: 15-19 June | Anemones

Week 4: 22-26 June | Things that swim

Week 5: 29-3 July | Things that cling

Week 6: 6-10 July | Things with shells

Week 7: 13-17 July | Seaweeds

how it works

Sign Up

Or text Emma on 07966 572273 with your name and which weeks you wish to sign up for. A payment link will be sent to your mobile phone. 


1. You will receive a task by email each day by 9am. Tasks may be a worksheet, a factfile, a video to watch, a picture to study etc. 

2. You can then pop onto the Beach Academy Wales  Facebook page when you're ready to find out what you need to do OR have it emailed if you don't use Facebook. You can fit it into your own home learning schedule as you wish. 

3. If you miss a task don't worry. You can simply go back through the posts, or have missed tasks sent via email to complete at your own leisure. 

4. All children who sign up will receive a digital certificate of completion. 

beach lessons on hold

School Holidays and Weekends

Join others at Rockpool School at Rest Bay, Porthcawl to learn all about these amazing marine habitats. Suitable for families with children aged 3+. 


Lesson times are decided on the day and vary because of tides. If the weather and tides are unfavourable no lesson will go ahead. Lessons are listed on the Beach Academy boards found on the slip heading to the beach and at the Watersports Centre shop. Lessons last 1 hour and cost £5pp. Children attending must be accompanied by one adult per group. Pre-book and pay at the Watersports Centre before the lesson starts to gain an activity band.

hire a rockpool kit

Beach Academy Wales gives visitors and locals to Rest Bay in Porthcawl the opportunity to hire professional equipment to self-learn and discover. For £5 you can hire a pro Rockpool Kit to investigate Rockpools on your own. Hire lasts 2 hours to give you plenty of time to discover and explore. Kits are hired from the Beach Shop at the Watersports Centre. 

Kits include a white flat bottomed bucket, white flat-bottomed observation tray, high quality mesh fish and shrimp net, I.D. guide and info sheets (to keep) showing you how to Rockpool and handle animals correctly.

book a private lesson

Families can hire Emma as their own private outdoor beach tutor to learn all about Rockpools. Available at many beaches. Get in touch for more details and costs. 

for schools

Emma runs a dedicated Rockpool School, focusing on these amazing marine habitats right on your doorstep. 

Rockpool School teaches pupils how to look after these intertidal habitats for the future, reducing human impact, with lessons on the animals and plants that are found there, their anatomy and adaptations to where they live, how to handle them correctly and much much more. 


Schools can bring their classes to a Rockpool School day at Rest Bay Porthcawl OR Emma can deliver Rockpool School near you or help you put together a Rockpool School Programme for your own local learning area beach. Emma also offers CPD training for your staff should you wish to deliver Rockpool School yourself. 


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