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Discover rockpools,  like you never have before.

For families. classes and groups


rockpool school

Intertidal Education & Conservation for families

Discover rockpools like you never have before. Beach Academy helps families learn together about these amazing marine habitats and how to care for the living things that make them their home. 

Find out how to handle animals, and where to look, before being given the equipment to go and explore for yourselves with your new knowledge. 

School/Group Trips

Rockpool School teaches pupils how to look after these intertidal habitats for the future, reducing human impact, with lessons on the animals and plants that are found there, their anatomy and adaptations to where they live, how to handle them correctly and much much more. 


Schools can bring their classes to a Rockpool School day at Rest Bay Porthcawl OR Emma can deliver Rockpool School near you or help you put together a Rockpool School Programme for your own local learning area beach. Emma also offers CPD training for your staff should you wish to deliver Rockpool School yourself. 


hire a rockpool kit

Beach Academy Wales gives visitors and locals to Rest Bay in Porthcawl the opportunity to hire professional equipment to self-learn and discover. For £5 you can hire a pro Rockpool Kit to investigate Rockpools on your own. Hire lasts 2 hours to give you plenty of time to discover and explore. Kits are hired from the Beach Shop at the Watersports Centre. 

Kits include a white flat bottomed bucket, white flat-bottomed observation tray, high quality mesh fish and shrimp net, I.D. guide and info sheets (to keep) showing you how to Rockpool and handle animals correctly.


Rockpool Project

Learn more with our worksheets

Can't make it to the beach? Learn about these amazing marine habitats that surround the UK from home or school.


There is no time commitment. Complete any time you wish. This project is aimed at children in years 3,4,5 and 6 (age 7+) and focus on Living Things; body parts and what they do, comparing and identifying species, adaptations and survival, feeding and food chains and reproduction and growth. Project topics include Crabs, Starfish, Anemones, Things that swim, Things that cling, Things with shells and Seaweeds


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