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Rockpool Guardians

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The Rockpool Guardians Project helps and support schools, community groups and visitors (in Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan) to learn how to protect and preserve marine life on their local beaches whilst taking part in the outdoor activity of Rockpooling, historically enjoyed by generations on the welsh coast.  

The Rockpool Guardians Project focusses on how to protect the living things found in Rockpools from injury, disturbance and destruction and why, now more than ever, we need to. Our planet’s biodiversity is in decline and we must do everything we can to respect, connect and protect the living things that exist around us. 


The Rockpool Guardians Project will


  • Prevent, or reduce, the negative impact of the historic practice of Rockpooling on our Welsh marine environment and species.

  • Protect and enhance our intertidal ecosystems and natural heritage, promoting its sustainable use.

  • Educate, engage and influence young people to lead change.

  • Restore damaged intertidal ecosystems, allowing them to recover and heal. 

  • Preserve and improve rockpool species health and biodiversity.

  • Improve conditions to help native rockpool species. 

  • Maintain natural coastal marine habitats, like rockpools

  • Make nature accessible and improve our natural world.

  • Create social and long-term behavioural change in outdoor coastal activities. 

  • Address the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges such as the activity of Rockpooling. 

  • Focus on increasing knowledge and disseminating information.

  • Offer community-led activity and the tending of places we love.

  • Add to the body of knowledge about Rockpool Biodiversity. 

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