Connect with one another and the coast outdoors

Beach-based outdoors year-round


family events

Learning & Fun for all the family

Beach Academy organises beach-based events year-round for all the family. These celebrations connect families to the coast and one another. Events vary from the silly (Sand Snowman competition) to the educational (Dolphin Day), weekend festivals (The Big Blue) to holiday Beach Trails (Shark Egg Hunt)




Follow the maps to discover more

Our trails change year-round taking you around Rest Bay and the Wales Coast Path in search of information. Each 'post' is part of the trail and can be completed in your own time. Trail maps are picked up at our Beach Shop at Rest Bay Watersports Centre. Children who return their trail maps receive a small gift for completion or get entered into a prize draw. 


field trips

Discovering the Welsh coast further

Beach Academy organises Field Trips (away from Rest Bay) many boat-based, throughout the year for families to visit other parts of the Welsh Coast to study coastal nature and wildlife. Annual Field Trips include Dolphin Spotting, Seal pups and Lighthouses.