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Our funded projects allow us to educate and engage with schools and communities across the UK, supported by like-minded councils, charities and organisations


The Sand Snails Project

Our Sand Snails project focusses on improving the understanding of NPT nature and ecology within the community engaging local children and the wider community with the sea snails (gastropod marine molluscs) found on their sandy shores. This is being done through classroom outreach, field trips to Aberavon beach and outdoor family engagement events increasing local biodiversity and identification knowledge. 

Funded: NPT Local Nature Partnership


Seashore Trails Series

A series of four family-friendly walks on the Bridgend Coast developed and designed by Beach Academy. 

We combined the health and wellbeing of coastal walking with easy beach activities that could be completed unaccompanied by a guide to explore the intertidal marine environment and wales coast path.  

Each trail can be downloaded and completed at any time and suitable for all ages. 

Funded: Reach, Bridgend CBC


The Ogmore Reefs

Aim of the project was to increase public awareness and understanding of our natural world, by focusing on the Honeycomb worm reefs at Ogmore-by-Sea Beach in the Vale of Glamorgan. Many locals, and visitors, are unaware of what these fragile protected habitats on our shore are. An education pack and A3 information poster were produced as digital downloads for everyone to access and learn more about them.
Funded: Vale Local Nature Partnership


Seashore Creatures Specimen Tour

This project immersed pupils from 20 BCBC schools in a world of living things they had never seen before. Collected by the founder of Beach Academy the specimens are kept for children to connect and learn about the living things found on their own shores, not far away. An A3 identification chart was also produced to support the learning, an engagement weekend for families was also held with guided nature trails and a touch table, 

Funded: Bridgend Local Nature Partnership

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