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Learn Outdoors with Beach Academy Wales. Connecting people, of all ages, to the coast and our marine environment through education, events and training

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Emma lamport, Beach Academy Wales 

Awakens Curiosity
encouraging young people (and their grown ups!) to observe, wonder and ask questions

Helps people rediscover nature
getting their hands sandy and exploring our blue planet and salty environments

Creates Connections
connecting people to one another, actions to memories, us to the marine environment 


"Emma just can’t give enough. She’s willing to jump in, teach, have fun, and share her love of the outdoors and coastal nature with everyone. She’s infectious."

"Emma teaches a curriculum that is hands-on and

minds-on, giving children the greatest opportunity to learn about themselves and better understand our natural world."

HELEN ANDREWS, Natural Resources Wales
joanne rees, Palmerston Primary School
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