Nature is never closed and beaches are integral to the health & wellbeing of all. These open natural spaces allow families to breathe, learn and laugh. Connecting young people with the coast has always been the aim of Beach Academy since conception. 

This will not stop.

 Emma has created a bank of printable Home Learning Resources and will be posting Facebook Learning for families to occupy and educate children at home. Aimed primarily at younger children aged 3-11. 

Learning Resources available



Resources are created, designed and delivered by Emma, the founder of Beach Academy. Previous to setting up and educating outdoors, Emma worked extensively in educational print. Being a qualified teacher, she moved into educational publishing, developing educational materials to be used by children in their homes and schools right across the UK. 

Emma worked as an Editor for two BBC children's educational magazines, wrote a guide to Life, the World & Everything for all 16 year olds across Wales and designed and delivered printed educational materials for the Western Mail & Echo plus others such as the Wildlife Trust and Marine Conservation Society. 

A self-taught heavyweight graphic designer, Emma has created everything from printed worksheets to teacher packs, how-to-guides to self-led nature trails, kids magazines to newspaper supplements, outdoor educational signage to educational games, activity sheets to challenge cards, educational programmes to identification guides and still continues to use her specialist bank of skills in creating materials for UK Zoo educators, helping children to learn about wildlife and conservation issues, as well as her own material for Beach Academy.


£1 per learning resource,

or 6 for £5

How to access them

Email Emma for a full menu list.


You will be sent an email by return.


Choose what learning resources you fancy

from the menu, then make an order!

Leave the rest to us.

Your learning resource(s) will be sent

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It's that simple.


With Emma from Beach Academy

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What is Facebook Learning

Keeping you connected to the UK coast. 


Em will be posting easy free activities at 11am, Monday to Friday, for young people to have some fun and learn from. To take part, you need to like us first! Use the box above. 


Monday to Friday at 11am

Starts Monday 23rd March.

Until further notice 


Monday 11am: Watch Me Move

Tuesdays 11am: What am I?

Wednesdays 11am: What’s the Story?

Thursdays 11am: Be like me

Fridays 11am: Art Competition


Watch me Move

Ever wondered what a hermit crab looks like without its shell? Watch me move is a collection of snippet video footage I have taken over the years of animals moving on the beach. I’m always fascinated, so grab my phone and ‘capture’ it. These are not super edited movies or even great footage so be kind!! I’m no videographer. However they will show you something you may not have seen before!!


What am I?

I’ll be posting a photograph of an animal or plant that I have found on a beach. Its a guessing game. Take a guess at home and a few hours later I shall reveal the answer and a title bit of info about it. You can then do your own research as extended learning. 


What's the Story?

Sometimes a photo captures a million words, but what are those words saying? I’lll be posting a photograph that needs a story… I’ll start it… can you complete it? Great source of online literacy. 


Be like me

This is a bit of fun role-play. I shall be posting a fact about a marine animal and asking you to act out the sounds, movements or behaviours that I have mentioned in the post! E.g. Dolphins use squeaks to communicate. You can then video yourself doing it and post up proof!


Art Competition

This is a creative activity. I shall suggest a ‘topic’ each week. You can create your masterpiece at home using any media, be it 2 or 3d and post them up for all to see. I will choose a winning piece each week. Each weeks winner will receive a voucher offering a FREE Pro Rockpool Kit hire session for them and their family. 

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