A day at the beach


Nature is never closed and beaches are integral to the health & wellbeing of all. These open natural spaces allow families to breathe, learn and laugh. Connecting young people with the coast has always been my aim of Beach Academy Wales since conception. 

There are many ways you can connect to the coast, with me, at home with Coastal Kits and  a Rockpool Project. 


Coastal Kits

For those that can't make it to the beach

A Beach Academy 'Coastal Kit' combines raw materials sent in the post (collected from south Wales beaches) with digital resources (worksheets/ideas/instructions) sent via email for you to print, interact and learn from your seashore objects.  No live animals or plants will be used as part of this service. 

Wild and Open spaces to Open and Wild minds. 

The Rockpool Project

Learn about Rockpools from home

Aimed at children in years 3,4,5 and 6 (age 7+) with a focus on Living Things,. The project is split into 7 topics. In each topic we cover body parts and what they do, comparing and identifying species, adaptations and survival, feeding and food chains and reproduction and growth. Packed with fab facts and fieldwork tips plus what we need to do to protect Rockpool habitats in the future. Parents at home, or teachers at school, can purchase the project resources anytime and do anything from one topic to all 7! Resources (activity worksheets and extension ideas) for each topic are emailed to you to print off in your own time and all children who sign up will receive a digital certificate of completion. 


£5 per topic or £30 for all 7 topics.  

Topic 1: Crabs
Topic 2: Starfish

Topic 3: Anemones

Topic 4: Things that swim

Topic 5: Things that cling

Topic 6: Things with shells

Topic 7: Seaweeds


Resources are created, designed and delivered by myself, Emma Lamport a specialist Beach Teacher. Previous to setting up Beach Academy Wales I was a member of a Ranger Team delivering Environmental Education in country parks and on the coast and worked for council Countryside and Tourism teams delivering family events.


I also have over 10 years developing educational materials to be used by children in their homes and schools right across the UK in educational publishing. I worked as an Editor for two BBC children's educational magazines, wrote a guide to Life, the World & Everything for all 16 year olds across Wales and designed and delivered printed educational materials for the Western Mail & Echo plus others such as the Wildlife Trust and Marine Conservation Society. 

I'm a self-taught heavyweight graphic designer, and have created everything from printed worksheets to teacher packs, how-to-guides to self-led nature trails, kids magazines to newspaper supplements, outdoor educational signage to educational games, activity sheets to challenge cards, educational programmes to identification guides and I still continue to use my specialist bank of skills in creating materials for a Learning Outside the Classroom accredited Zoo, helping children to learn about wildlife and conservation issues, as well as my own material for Beach Academy Wales.

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