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The Golden Egg

In the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter won a golden egg during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament and treasured it, taking his golden egg everywhere with him. So have we! 


We have taken a shining replica of Harry’s Golden Egg to 10 amazing coast and country places around the Vale of Glamorgan and taken a photo of it in each location. All you need to do is car it, bike it or bus it to find out where we went! Exploring the beauty of the Vale this Easter.    


Find, and visit, all 10 locations (between 10-24 April) to complete our online quiz (by the end of April 25th) for your chance to win the Golden Egg used in the photographs (a replica worth £70) plus a 2 day trip to London including a Family Studio Tour at Harry Potter World and overnight hotel stay including breakfast for a family of four.   


How to take part...

You need a Treasure Hunt Pack. Simply click our complete 'Treasure Hunt Pack Download' button above anytime during the School Easter Holidays from Sunday 10th to Sunday 24th April and follow the instructions. Or you can download each section separately below. 
1. Instructions Sheet
2. Location Sheets (10 locations)

3. Answer Sheet (print out and take with you)


To enter the competition (the treasure prize)


You will need to complete our quiz to enter the competition, using the answers that you collected on the hunt.
Click on the 'Quiz Entry' button above 
with your answers for your chance to win the treasure, amazing Potter prizes!

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