Help us to save and record marine nature 

Community in Action


Hire a Litter Picker

Beach Academy gives visitors and locals to Rest Bay in Porthcawl the opportunity to hire a litter picker to help us in our fight against marine litter on our coast and on our beaches. 


All we ask is for a £1 donation (per picker), which we donate 100% of to the UK Marine Conservation Society to help them in their conservation work helping our seas and marine environments. 

Weekend Click & Collect service only (currently)

Book and pay via text 07966 572273
Pop to our beach shop on your chosen day at the Watersports Centre to collect. 


Beach Cleans

Helpers wanted to clean our beaches and worm reefs of marine litter. Marine litter claims the lives of untold wildlife every year floating in our seas and resting on our beaches. 


Everyone is invited to spare a little time to keep our beautiful coastline clean. 


Beach Academy organises beach clean events throughout the year, but you don't have to wait for us! See above for hiring a litter picker if you can't wait. 

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Porpoise Patrol

The waters around south Wales are full of marine mammals, no more so than the wonderful Harbour Porpoise often seen 'rolling' through the water off the coasts. 

Beach Academy has a dedicated group of people who record their sightings of porpoise (alive and dead) via a WhatsApp group. This information is then sent to the relevant organisations that study cetaceans such as the Seawatch Foundation.