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Connect your group to the coast

Beach Academy Wales offers any group (play groups / uniformed groups / play schemes / youth groups etc) the opportunity to get outdoors with the sole aim to connect the children and young people in their group with the coast and blue planet; studying, exploring, experimenting, observing, searching, identifying, conserving, protecting, enjoying and creating.

Tailored to suit age, group size and ability. Lessons can also be linked to badges for uniformed groups. 

Duration: 1 or 2 hour

Age: any

Group Size: 11+ people
1hr - £5pp / 2hr £7pp
Topics: Choose from an extensive list

equipment hire

Hire it, don't buy it!

Want to bring your group to the coast to learn on the beach but don't have the right equipment or educational resources?

Save money and hire.

Simply book it and pick it up from Beach Academy when you arrive. 

staff training

Training Workshops

Beach Academy offers training workshops for staff, leaders and educators that work with young people and children wishing to develop knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver lessons outdoors using a beach, either as a classroom or, as an educational resource.  

To learn how to use a beach, you need to be at the beach. All workshops are held at Rest Bay, Porthcawl, can be tailored to your settings and are available as half day, full day or after school 2-hour sessions. 


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