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How to Book

All via your mobile phone

Please text Emma on 07966 572273. 

Include the lesson title (listed below) and your preferred date. You will be sent an available time slot or an alternative to confirm and a payment link via your mobile phone. All you then need to do is turn up!

Learn to Rockpool

Learn how to rockpool safely and sustainably, with correct handling techniques to keep up close and personal, using pro equipment, identification of the living things you find and lots of fun facts.

Learn to Identify animals of the strandline

Many animals are left by the tides daily and live in the strandline to feed. But do you know what they are? Do you even know they exist? Come and learn more.

Learn to Identify Seashells

Shells come in all shapes, sizes and beautiful patterns, but do you know which animals they are from? Come and learn more about the mighty molluscs.

Learn about marine animals in Wales

Choose from dolphins and whales, seals, turtles, sharks or jellyfish as the focus for your lesson. 

Learn how to survey a Rocky Shore

Use professional equipment and ecological techniques to survey a rocky shore and submit your findings to scientists. 

Learn about marine litters and their effects

An eco-friendly lesson including a beach clean, helping the marine environment and learning about how marine litters are affecting marine wildlife.

Learn about rocks and sand

What are they? Where do they come from? and what’s the law? A lesson of discovery and experimentation. 

Learn to make wild beach jewellery

Use natural beach materials, or get creative with beach litter, to make your own pieces of jewellery using what you find and portable tools.

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